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Whether your audience is one prospective employer, or your entire workforce and customer base, nothing says more about you than the way you say it to others.

As a career Submariner and Navigation Electronics Technician, Dave Hammond received the benefit of being surrounded by the highest quality technical documentation available. He has performed, and has helped to refine, hundreds of procedures used to support the readiness of nuclear weapons. Since leaving the Navy, Dave has continued to document processes for Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Dell Computer and several smaller businesses. He also has broad teaching and curriculum development experience, both in the Navy and at the community college level.

Dave has maintained and operated a myriad of electronic and electromechanical systems including inertial navigation, radar, sonar, and satellite receivers. He has performed field service on complex electromechanical equipment. He has worked as a corporate network administrator and as a test technician and quality engineer in a weapons manufacturing environment. This well-rounded technical background enables him to develop accurate, meaningful documentation for a wide range of intended audiences.

Dave’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University, and an Associate of Technical Arts in Computer Networking Technology from Edmonds Community College. He holds an active DOD Secret security clearance.

The US economy is not likely to grow until we win back a large portion of our manufacturing base. Our capacity to rebuild our manufacturing base will hinge on our abilities to select the best workers and to develop efficient, repeatable processes. Finding an ideal candidate requires an ideal resume. Repeatable processes require well-written, easy to follow procedures.

People are much more likely to do business with a company that does not have conspicuous errors on its website or in its literature.

Kitsap Technical Writing will let you look as professional as you are!

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