Kitsap Technical Writing

Keeping Your Computer Simple!

In today’s society, a person without a functional computer is at a distinct disadvantage.

I offer basic computer services limited to the North Kitsap/Bainbridge Island, WA area.

Don’t know where to begin?  I can assist you with the purchase of your first computer.

If you just bought that first computer, I can assist you in its initial setup and some basic training.  I especially enjoy working with seniors.  I will gladly see you through your first online purchase or your first email to that special friend or relative.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your computer, I can save your files, clean your hard drive, and reload your operating system, software and files for a reasonable flat rate.  I will also provide recommendations for system repair or upgrades, if appropriate.

Please note that I cannot assist anyone using a pirated operating system or other unauthorized software.  You must have a legal operating system on CD with your CD key available.

I also ask that you purchase Symantec or McAfee anti-virus software with an up-to-date subscription.  This action will keep my work from going to waste shortly after I leave.  My main goal is to achieve your satisfaction and preserve the usefulness of your computer.

Before I arrive, please have the following items handy:

A free taste of my philosophies:

I prefer to work with people of a like mindset.

Kitsap Technical Writing will let you look as professional as you are!

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