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In the year 2000, I paid a “Professional Résumé Service” a lot of money to write my résumé for me.  I was less than happy with the product, as well as the results.  Since then, I have taken several formal classes in résumé preparation, looked at dozens of other people’s successful and unsuccessful résumés, and participated in numerous job searches.  After preparing hundreds of résumés for myself and others, I can honestly say that a resume from me will give you an above average chance of landing that all important interview.

Unlike most other résumé writers, I have had extensive experience within the actual workforce.

My flat fee for preparing your résumé is $160.  For this price, you will receive a CD or email with at least four word files: your résumé; your job history (with full job descriptions); your references; and a cover letter.  If necessary, I will also be glad to provide several paper copies at no additional cost.  After performing this basic service, if you would like me to tailor your résumé to another specific job listing, my fee is $40.  Subsequent résumés are $20 each.  I think that the tools I provide you with should enable you to tailor your own résumé, but for that special dream job I am available and would greatly enjoy assisting you.

If this will be your first résumé, there will likely need to be a lot of work done on your part.  You should have the following information available: 

It will greatly shorten my turnaround time if the above information can be submitted to me electronically.

I cannot offer you any guarantees concerning the results of your résumé.  However, Kitsap Technical Writing pledges to work with you as long as it takes to achieve your personal satisfaction with the final product.

Feeling confident about the quality and accuracy of your résumé will do wonders for your confidence and performance at your interview.

Kitsap Technical Writing will let you look as professional as you are!

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