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"I was fresh out of Dental Technician school, and didn't have a computer.  My school gave me a resume that was poorly worded and looked horrible.  Dave even took the time to look up and correct the errors in medical terminology.  He said many things that I was feeling, but didn't know how to express.  It felt like he was reading my mind.  He gave me a resume and cover letter that I was proud of, and my confidence level really went up during my interviews.  I am now employed at a busy military clinic with a great future ahead of me."

Crystal H - Kingston, WA


"Dave is my husband, so I know him better than anyone else.  I certainly can attest to his genuine passion for helping individuals and small businesses to succeed.  In addition to authoring my entire website, Dave assisted me in completing my successful application package for employment as a Redken Artist.  My resume is simply awesome, and I can't imagine my professional skills and experience being represented any better.  His sound advice has also helped my business to keep growing while the economy is not.  Thank You Honey!"

Lynn Hammond - Owner and Stylist, Harbor Hair Design


Kitsap Technical Writing will let you look as professional as you are!

Technical Writing Kitsap

Technical Writing

Technical Writing